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Until battery companies get rocking with mad power capacity, long life and small form factors, we are all at the mercy of what makes it to market in relation to our phones, tablets and laptops. Currently, I have multiple options for keeping my phones and various USB charged devices amped up for the rigors of a business day and or travel, but nothing that would get my laptop back up off the 1-bar floor.

Being mobile is central to the business we are in — what with client meetings around town and driving/ taking Uber/Lyf to a client’s meeting space, getting somewhere to plug in is not always available or elegant.

Enter Chargetech (and a few others). These guys have brought a new level of portability to those with a mobile office space.

“I want one of these.”A guy who looks just like me

Chargetech is not the only vendor in this space, but I took the nod by one of the editors on CNET as somewhat of a stamp of approval. Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Number of ports: (USB & 115V)
  • mAh (Milliamp Hours): more=better
  • Length of time to charge

Their entry level offering (12,000mAh) in this space is currently on sale for $86, down from $150, and their largest (27,000mAh) is on sale for $200 — down from $250.

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