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WordPress Developer
Digital Strategist
Project Manager

Gerry is a Web developer with in-depth experience in content management, project management and marketing strategies thanks to his many years of working with Fortune 500 companies. He is also an excellent photographer and has shot for Getty Wire Images, Corbis, and CNBC.

He enjoys spending his time taking incredible photos with his Canon 5D Mark iii, hanging out with friends and family, watching a good movie, and having a good laugh.

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Analytics Guru
WordPress Developer
Personality Expert
Marketing Manager

Rebecca is a Web developer with a flair for coding and a passion for numbers and personality profiling. She has spent years learning all the ins and outs of online marketing and personality-based assessments, and she even worked for a while as a graphic designer to feed her creative side.

An Irish transplant and avid pluviophile, Rebecca spends her free time having intelligent conversations with friends and learning about the next thing that has caught her interest..

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Copy Editor
Business Coach
Content Manager

Sally is a copywriter, editor and author of four books. She has been writing and editing B2B and B2C content for over ten years, and is passionate about excellence in everything she does. She is also a certified life and business coach, because she loves fixing lives as much as she loves fixing words.

Sally’s favorite way to spend a day off is either at a bookstore or coffee shop with a good book. She is also a confirmed Facebook addict and loves helping people with advice and laughter.

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WordPress Developer
Analytics Assistant
Design Assistant
Marketing Assistant

Zack is a Web developer with a flair for finding the straightest path to any needed solution. He has a long history of working with design-oriented software, and is a veritable bank of random facts and information. Sadly, if his life depended on doing an Irish accent well, he would die. Instantly.

Zack loves a good video game, especially the better games of the ’90s. He’s also partial to an excellent cup of coffee, skinny jeans, and his man bun (which looks great on his Tinder profile … ladies).

Zack hates writing

Our Core Values

We love working with passionate entrepreneurs.
Our clients’ success is our success.
We help clients walk away fully empowered — with knowledge and practical tools.
We want to make projects an enjoyable experience.


We feel like family.
We’re the real deal — no faux foxes here.
We’re always ready to laugh.
We’re open-minded — we value collaboration and other perspectives.


We are four Irish entrepreneurs who decided it was high time to give Austin, Texas, a taste of business done the Irish way — with sick humor wit and brains fed on potatoes and Kerrygold butter. We would have started this business sooner, but half our team was in diapers twenty years ago, so since then we’ve been adding to our list of ways to impress people by jumping off planes without a parachute, winning Fear Factor II, and talking Richard Branson into starting Virgin Airlines.
Last November we all looked at each other over Thanksgiving dinner and came up with this grand idea. We blame the potatoes (and the butter).

Startup Creatives. Clearly hyperbole about the back story. No bull about the talent.


Doling out copious amount of SARCASM & WIT
Enjoying amazing food
ordering far too much crap with Amazon Prime
Guessing your personality type
learning random, almost useless pieces of information
traveling to very cool places


We have some international folks in the office, and to avert the happenstance of misunderstanding,
we have included a small glossary of phrases you may hear on phone calls or see in emails.

  • Deadly – really good
  • Nixer – side job
  • Tosser – deadbeat
  • Fancy – crush (v) or stylish
  • Cat’s Pajamas – very cool
  • Gaf – house/apartment
  • Shattered – very upset
  • Thick – stupid
  • Kip – mess
  • Knacker – deadbeat
  • Score – that’s awesome
  • Yer man – that man
  • Yer woman – that woman
  • A whale of a time – a great time
  • Great craic [crak] – a great time
  • The loo – restroom
  • The jacks – restroom
  • Arseways – the wrong way
  • Any use – useless
  • Chips – fries
  • Tae [tay-e] – tea
  • Brilliant – awesome
  • Eyesore – looks so bad it hurts the eyes
  • I will, yea – I never will
  • Headin’ – going
  • Awful dose – very sick
  • State – bad shape
  • Knackered – very tired
  • Banjaxed – very tired
  • Brutal [brew-tal] – hard going
  • Fair play – well done
  • Football – soccer
  • Gammy – useless
  • How’s she cuttin – how’s it going?
  • Not the full shilling – a bit slow in the head
  • Feckin – fu**ing
  • On the tear – pub crawl
  • Wrecked – very tired
  • What’s the story? – what’s up?