It’s About Relationships

SallyStartup advice

A lot of entrepreneurs like to work alone. They have so many great startup ideas, and they can jump into each one and work hard for the next few months to do everything it takes to get it going.

We want to save you that time though — why not use the time you’d have spent building your website and marketing and let us do it instead? Okay, so you can do a bit of everything, and if you didn’t hire us you’d you get to save a little money and get the satisfaction of knowing you can pull it off,


by doing at all yourself, you’re missing out on being able to work on the next great idea. You’re also missing out on one of the most profitable aspects of a business –networking. Working alone can end up biting you.

The service industry is about relationships. You get talking and sharing stories and people remember you. They remember enough to know if they want to recommend you and your work to their friends and peers. And if you’re hunkered down doing your thing on your own, you’re not going to have the connections you need to become THE business others want to use.

So take your hand off the mouse, see what’s coming up on the calendar for people in your industry, and go meet some of them. Or meet us. You probably need to get out of the house anyway.