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Requirements Gathering Info – Be Prepared

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And so we begin gathering your requirements info — the information we’ll need before we can put a plan together for you.

With any project, the more work done up front, the fewer changes you’ll have to make down the road, and before we even start, we need to make sure we’re talking to the right person — the one who is the decision-maker when it comes to what the website will do and look like. If that’s you, knowing the answers in advance to the questions below can speed up our time considerably.

Your Objectives

Know the goal of your website.
Know which problems your current site has that you intend to solve by having us create a new one.

Your User Requirements

startup-creatives-homepage-banner-top-screen-fill-011How will users interact with your website — which features and functions do you want them to see?
Where on the site do they currently spend most of their time?
Which tasks do you want your users to complete on your site?
Does this site need to perform well on all devices?
How will you take care of security issues?
Do you need your site to be culturally and politically correct, as well as fulfill legal requirements for your industry?
Who will maintain the site and update plugins, do backups, etc?

Who are your end users — what do they want or expect?

“If you use standard research methods, you will have the same insights as everyone else.” ~ David Nichols, Managing Partner at Brandgym)

Your Functional Requirements

What does your existing site do — what are its processes, programs and limitations?
Scope — What will the project cover and not cover?
Are there industry/franchise rules the system must conform to?
What’s absolutely necessary and what does the client want? Store/customers/billing
Will all these implementations be verifiable?
Does the site need to migrate from one server to another?

There are many other questions we’ll have re your content, assets, design preferences, voice, budget, competition, etc., but the above questions are a good place to start.