The Startup Process

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While most of our team members come from entrepreneurial families and have had this kind of life modeled to us, we realize that many of our clients don’t.

When you plan properly, you’re looking at your short-term and long-term goals. You’re not just covering the opening game; you’re aiming to win the game, set, and match. For our first weekly meeting, we discussed our first steps. We kept Google Docs open and contributed while we talked.

Here was our discussion list: 

  1. What services will we initially offer?
  2. What’s our value proposition?
  3. What’s our story?
  4. Who is our target market?

Then we moved on to the action steps checklist for our first week:

  1. Talk to advisers at the government sponsored Small Business Association.
  2. Write a business plan.
  3. Write a rough draft of our pre-launch marketing plan.
  4. Talk to a CPA and business attorney to make sure everything is above board before we do anything.
  5. Choose our company and domain name.
  6. File a DBA (Doing Business As).
  7. Buy our domain name.

If you’re not going to do a job right from the get-go, you’re probably not going to get the perfect results you want down the road.